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Want to Be Mentored by You

You Have A Very Powerful Ministry
Prophetess and Woman of God, all I can say is that you have such a very powerful ministry! The anointing of God upon your life inspires me to greatness. I want to be mentored under your disciplined hand. You have the spirit and heart of a mother. You are firm yet gracious and loving. You don't play games with God or the saints and you mean business for real. I'm amazed by the level of anointing on your life and I know you have been through a lot for God to trust you the way He does. I am praying that one day I will get a chance to meet you and sit at your feet. I love you with the love of God and hope to be your daughter one day.

My Life Changed at City of Refuge on Aug 27

You Preached Me Into Revelation and My Deliverance
Prophetess Morrison, Words can not express the spiritual deposit and impact you had on my life at City of Refuge on Aug 27!!! You stood there with boldness and declared the Word of the Lord without any fanfare from music or any other drama. YOU PREACHED THE SURE WORD OF GOD AND IT HIT MY SPIRIT STRONGLY...like never before! My life will never be the same and now I have the strategy to know what to do. Sometimes when preachers have a lot of things going on in the service, the people miss the Word of the Lord because of performances by the men and women who carry the Gospel. YOU DIDN'T DO THAT, BUT YOU PREACHED A WORD FROM HEAVEN!!! I thank God for you woman of God and I pray the Lord Jesus continues to strengthen you to continue to change lives so that we can live from the third realm. I'M SOOOO GLAD I WAS THERE TO RECEIVE WHAT THE LORD GAVE HIS PEOPLE THAT NIGHT. THE DEPOSIT WAS STRONG AND WILL BE LASTING IN OUR LIVES. God bless you forever Prophetess Morrison!!!

Angel Reese

Founder/CEO - Destin3Bound, Inc.
Hello Sister Marcia!! With great joy do I write to you! I was truly blessed by your presence on Fri., Aug. 27th at the City of Refuge Church! I'm not a member, but I've read "Leprosy in the Church" and applied the revelations and instructions of the contents of the book to my life, and I am changed. Thank you soooo much for sitting at the feet of our Father. Thank you so much for yielding to the calls and purposes He has given you. Thank you for your hard work in the Body of Christ. Thank you for blessing our businesses on that night. Thank you for being a major resource for the Kingdom to manifest itself in the Earth! And most of all, thank you for being YOU! I am so blessed by GOD to have been in the presence of one of His precious daughters. I am truly humbled by the experience on last Friday, and I pray that we will be connecting in the near future. May our Lord pour out a supernatural abundance of strength, wisdom, and divine connections to you and your staff for the promotion of His Kingdom. In JESUS CHRIST's name. Amen. God's love to you.

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Pastor Ron First Lady Cheryl Engram

Ash St. Cogic Singles Conference
Prophetess Morrison, thank you for what our eyes have seen, ears have heard and hearts have recieved from the blessing we recieved as you ministered to us at our first single's conference in Macon Ga. and at Ash St. COGIC. There was a great impartation of the spirit of God released during this conference that will change the lives of the men and women that attended for ever. We are so grateful for you and thank you for letting God use you for his service.

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Evangelist I have been so bless by your ministry I first notice you at a revival Mother(Prophetess) was doing and she laid hands on you and you rested so gently across the chairs..lol..but I knew God had a great assignment for your life and as a Evangelist that has recently been called by God I thank God for your sound doctrine..I am too one that preaches the word of god and donot believe that a leaders we should deter from it..I have not always been in Church of God In Christ but I love what they stand for(Holiness) and prophetess as I pray for your continous strength in lord please pray for mine...I definitely want to be remember as the evangelist that preach the word of God in season and out..May God bless you more abundantly your sister in Christ Marie Jones..I pray I will meet with you at your dicipleship class in October 2010 God Bless and God Speed

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Missing Prophetess 4 Prayer

Missed at Thursday Prayer
We miss you doing noon day prayer on Thursday's on the online radio station. However, we're thankful for your prayer archives which are just as powerful when we listen to them now as they were when you did them on the radio. Bless you woman of God! And we really miss being richly blessed by your prayer ministry when you are not leading prayer on Thursdays. But we know you also have other assignments and we can not be selfish. Love you much!!


Please add me to your mailing list
God bless you woman of God. I thoroughly enjoyed your message years ago at Weapon of Power "Leprosy in the Church". Is there a way for me to purchase this? I gave away my CD. I was blessed... Valerie Ray

Super Blessed by You

Prophetess Morrison...Woman of God...Vessel of Honor...Prayer Warrior...Intercessor...Psalmist...Entrepreneur...Business Woman...Strategist... You are totally awesome in everything you do!! Your resume and biography are astounding! All this wisdom, power, insight, and accomplishments in one woman of God. I am soooo impresed and blessed by your intelligence and anointing. You are so favored by God. I know it has not been easy to do all that you have done, but let me tell you you are rare breed, uniquely fashioned by God, simply a true gift to the Body of Christ. The great thing about it all is that its all true - unlike some preachers who are not fully truthful about their credentials. Yours are ALL TRUE!!! and your bio doesn't tell the whole story. AWESOME, INTELLIGENT, WISE, BRILLIANT, ANOINTED WOMAN OF GOD....AWESOME!!!! YOUR LIFE ENCOURAGES MANY... you have noooo idea how much!!!! Love and God's blessings to you precious vessel of honor.

Prophet Caleeb D. Sanders

You Spoke Life to Me
I just wanted to simply say thank God for you Prophetess Morrison. Your many words have encouraged me in such a way that has shifted my ministry to the next dimension. I seek to receive a double portion of what God has instilled in you, and i pray that your prophetic mantle is dropped upon me. The fruits of your spirit reveals that God is operating in your life. You encourage my ministry at my breaking points, and just your words touch my heart in a special way. If I never in my life actually meet you in person, I just want you and everyone to know out of the debts of my heart, I thank you and love you. God Bless you Prophetess

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Anquette Wray

It is indeed a pleasure to be connected in spirit to a Women of God who is divinely anointed and appointed for such a time as this. Just happened to run across a website that featured Prophetess Morrison praying and there was an instant connection in the spirit. I encourage you to continue advancing the Kingdom of God till all the kingdoms of this world become the Kingdom of our God. Stay on the front line of this warfare advancing towards the kingdom of darkness taking back our God given territory with the assurance from Father God that "We Win." I am with you in prayer and hope that we meet someday face to face in this warfare.

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