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Beautiful Strong Spirit
Prophetess, you have a beautiful and strong spirit that comes through your website, picture and even your prayers in the archives. I hear the Holy Spirit call you "BEAUTIFUL", for also Rom 10:15 says, "And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!" The Holy Spirit calls you "BEAUTIFUL" today and always. I can tell you don't focus on outter beauty but inner beauty, strength and courage and this makes you even more spiritually welcoming. Stay strong and anointed my blessed sister... You are indeed the REAL DEAL!!!


Blessed Highly Favored
Woman of God, you are blessed and highly favored of the Most High God! I watch your sermons on You Tube and I am greatful for your authentic love for the Lord and His people. Wish there were more like you out here that had the level of anointing on their lives and the life to back it up. You are a true jewel. Please continue to let God use you in a mighty way and I'll be praying your strength in the Lord as you continue to serve, bless, and teach His servants and soldiers the ways of righteousness and power. We love you out here and WE NEED YOU!!!

Janet M. Morgan

I remember you from women's weapon of power in tempa years ago. My life was changed during this conference.You are a blessing to the body of christ.God Bless.



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Deno Thompson

Hello Prophetess Morrisson. Just want to encourage you. To keep going strong for the Lord our God, and to let you know that the people of The Bahamas recognizes the God in you. Be blessed.

Sharon C.

Stewardship of The GLORY
Ms Prophetess Morrison, the Word that come forth on yesterday while teaching at Empowerment Temple was truly a blessing unto my Spirit. I had to get in on that Anointing about moving into Leadership being ready to Lead in God's Kingdom. Through you Ms. Marcia yielding to the Spirit of GOD, I was able to be uplifted within my spirit being DETERMINED TO GLORIFY THE KINGDOM through my Living. Yes GOD spoke and confirmed some of the ways i've been feeling and yet conversing with him. All I need is to know is WHAT DO I DO NEXT, for Real hearing Him CLEARLY. WHAT IS HIS NEXT MOVE FOR ME. I ONLY WANT TO MOVE WHEN THE SPIRIT OF GOD IS MOVING. I CAN'T AFFORD TO KEEP DOING THE SAME STUFF, I DESIRE A DEEPER CONNECTION WITH HIM AND I KNOW THAT WHAT HE HAS FOR ME IS FOR ME, BUT AT THE SAME WHAT I'VE BEEN THROUGH IS FOR SOMEONE THAT'S COMING UP BEHIND ME, IT IS TO GLORIFY HIM AND TESTIFY OF ALL THE GOOD THINGS HE HAS DONE FOR ME. GOD BLESS HIS MINISTRY IN YOU AS YOU GO FORTH IN EMPOWERING HIS PEOPLE. May JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD continue to Fill you with HIS wisdom, knowledge, understanding, HIS SPIRIT to Discern to where it POURS OUT OF YOUR BELLY INTO THE LIVES OF OTHERS AND MAY THAT WORD CHANGE THE COURSE OF PEOPLE'S LIVES WHO COME IN CONTACT WITH YOUR MINISTRY. I SPEAK BLESSINGS INDEED TO YOU MS MARCIA MORRISON


Child of God
All that I can say is WOW! Never underestimate the Power of God! Thank you for coming to Nashville. I will never forget that experience. My life is definitely changed. I have been set free. I hope that you can come back because more people need to hear what God is speaking through you. God Bless!


servant Michele Smith, Wilmington DE
I really wanted to respond to the awesome ministry encounter this past October. Very awesome, no wonder i had to war so in obedience to God to understand when He was saying to me school of the prophets. Because it's time for me to fine tune His design for me and what i need to surround myself with along with being under a church covering. I want to be a effective part of advancing His kingdom but without people to relate and learn from it's pretty challenging, like being a believer and feeling lost. I've had my share of falling through the cracks because of this. Thank you for clarity, release, correction, impartation and just the refreshing it brought to me and my household. God bless you, i definitely had the witness of the Spirit in many of the mysteries that was shared. I'm still taking time to study and further validate what i feel i received. Again God bless you and thank you.

Karen A. Washington

Prophetess Morrison, I am truly grateful for my encounter this past weekend. God is so awesome, and I continually thank him for his goodness. I work with Dr. Salynn Evans who had been asking me to come. I thank God that Dr. Evans was patient with me, and I can say that she is truly an awesome woman of God, and I Love her. Prophetess, I pray that God will continue you to help those who are hungry and truly seeking God as I was.

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Want to Be Mentored by You

You Have A Very Powerful Ministry
Prophetess and Woman of God, all I can say is that you have such a very powerful ministry! The anointing of God upon your life inspires me to greatness. I want to be mentored under your disciplined hand. You have the spirit and heart of a mother. You are firm yet gracious and loving. You don't play games with God or the saints and you mean business for real. I'm amazed by the level of anointing on your life and I know you have been through a lot for God to trust you the way He does. I am praying that one day I will get a chance to meet you and sit at your feet. I love you with the love of God and hope to be your daughter one day.

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